About Mary Jardin

about mary jardin

About Mary Jardin Organic & Natural Skin Care

Mary Jardin is a leader in organic and natural skin care brand in Malaysia. It  teaches and inspires women to explore the world of natural beauty.  It was founded by a medical doctor; Dr Maryam Aziz who is a natural beauty enthusiast. Mary Jardin is rapidly building its reputation as a beauty trailblazer with its expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Mary Jardin takes pride in combining nature and science to create a cutting edge Natural Skin Care product formulation. It brings you safe, effective and luxurious yet affordable natural skin care and cosmetic. At Mary Jardin we put trust in nature to give us the best in beauty care. We put trust in women to express themselves through every strokes, and swipes of brushes and create infinite possibilities of creativity and outstanding natural beauty.

Mary Jardin is dedicated to your skin health, vitality and beauty. As we continue to grow in popularity, rest assured that our quality is still at its finest. Using only premium ingredients in our products,  our lovingly handcrafted Lavender Garden skin care range promises to deliver Lavender from the wilderness to your skin.

Tanda Produk Kecantikan Muka Yang Tidak Sesuai | MaryJardin.co

Mary Jardin Affiliations

Production House– Our products are manufactured in a GMP Certified Factory; (The Luxe Production) that is still very much using traditional manufacturing methods to preserve the gems of nature.

MaryJardin.co – Launched in Kuala Lumpur in 2017, the prestige natural beauty site on the internet is also Mary Jardin’s largest online store. It is where clients can learn more about Mary Jardin products and many beauty tips from our natural beauty experts.

Mary Jardin Beauty Forum– A forum area where clients can search for any topics related to beauty. If a topic has not been discussed yet, feel free to start a new thread.  -available soon-

Mary Jardin Channel– Mary Jardin Youtube Channel featuring videos covering various topics on natural beauty and makeup. A good and fun way to learn about natural beauty. Subscribe and watch here.

Mary Jardin Beauty Hacks – Mary Jardin blog managed by our beauty experts, featuring latest natural beauty tips and product knowledge. Read here

MaryJardinian Lounge– A public Facebook group archiving clients’ feedback using Mary Jardin products. Join now.

Mary Jardin Brain – Mary Jardin has always had innovation at the core of its DNA. Launched in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Mary Jardin Brain is a team crafting Mary Jardin’s client-centric innovation to give the best experience to all natural beauty enthusiast.

Mary Jardin Artisan Cosmetic Club (MJACClub)– MJAC Club is an elite group of makeup artists well known for their superior skill in makeup creativity. MJAC Club members are among the industry’s most knowledgeable in beauty expertise and application. They share beauty education tips on Mary Jardin social channels and offering makeup services.

Mary Jardin Executives

  • Dr Maryam Aziz; Founder
  • Dr Athiq Marzuki; Co-founder
  • Yasir Ayeop; Chief Executive Officer

For general PR inquiries about Mary Jardin, please contact [email protected]

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Merchandising Submissions

We have a standard process for new Mary Jardin retail Natural Skin Care store application. Please email us your application. The appropriate team will interact with you directly through this platform and provide any feedback.