DIY your own kimono cardigan. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

DIY your own kimono cardigan. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Kimono Cardigan is a must have versatile garment which should be in every girl’s wardrobe. Do not confuse these cardigans with the traditional Japanese Kimonos.They are nothing alike.

Moreover, Kimono Cardigan are mostly sheer, long, cardigan which you can wear as an outer garment.  Sew them in knits or sheers or any beautiful patterned fabric you love and wear them with absolutely everything. For comfort and style, kimonos are a go-to items. Not only that they can be dressed up or worn casual, but also look effortlessly glamorous.

fashion diy kimono cardigan l

Kimono Cardigan are trendy through out the year – You can sew them as a light and airy cardigan over your tank top or wear them on chilly night outs. Transform your boring dresses or t shirts with a brightly patterned kimono jacket in a brilliant color.

fashion diy kimono cardigan l

Here is a simple tutorial that you can follow to make your own kimono cardigan.

fashion diy kimono cardigan l

  1. Firstly, measure the desired length for your kimono cardigan. Whether you want it to be long or short.
  2. After that, measure your shoulder length. from one end to the other and then add 10′ to it.
  3. The back piece should be the same size as the front piece. But for the front piece, cut a middle section of it and make it as wide as your neckline. You can make it bigger if you want. It is up to your preference.
  4. After that, pin and sew up the sides until where the sleeves are attached. The opening for your sleeves starts around the waist or the bottom of your ribs.
  5. Sew the shoulders together.
  6. The next step is to hem the edge starting at the bottom up around the neckline and then back down to the other edge of your kimono diy kimono cardigan l
  7. Next, for the sleeves, make the sleeves the same as the kimono sleeve opening’s circumference and then fold it in half.
  8. After that, pull the sleeve right side out and the main piece inside out.
  9. Pull the sleeve through the sleeve opening and sew them together.
  10. Hem the bottom part of your kimono cardigan to how short or long you want it to be or if you are feeling a little bit expressive, you can even add a fringe trim or lace if you like.

fashion diy kimono cardigan l

DONE! that’s it. Those are the simple steps for you to follow to make your own kimono cardigan. For an easier video guide to this instruction, click here.

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fashion diy kimono cardigan l
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