MJ Wallet is an E-Wallet that Mary Jardin recently introduced in their website www.maryjardin.co. MJ Coins is a currency in MJ Wallet that can be used in the website. It has its own value and can be used to purchase products in the website, get discount on purchase, gift to other person and many incoming features.


You may use or redeem your MJ coin at the cart/checkout page. Input the amount of coins you want to redeem for that purchase. Minimum coins to redeem is 300 coins.

Ways to increase your MJ Coins

Every purchase of products in the website www.maryjardin.co will give coins to the user. A user will get 1 MJ Coins for every RM1 Mary Jardin product purchased.

You may gain MJ Coins by promoting Mary Jardin to your friend. We will reward you whenever you recommend Mary Jardin to your friend and your friend successfully signed up with our site. You and your friend will be rewarded with 200 coins upon their first purchase worth RM30 and above.


There are two ways to refer Mary Jardin to your friends.

You will be rewarded with 200 MJ coins if your friend signed up through your recommendations and purchased RM30 and above.

We are happy if you comment or discuss something beneficial at our Blog post. Please do so, we will reward you with 10 MJ Coins for every 1st comment on our posts.

Love Mary Jardin products? Drop a review or testimony to help other people make decision! Other people will surely appreciate you helping them making decision on Mary Jardin Products. We will reward you 50 MJ Coins if you do so.

Topup your account with MJ Coins and reduce the hassle to login and approve your banking for every purchase transaction. Save the hassle!

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