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[RTC] Pea Protein TRIO – EXP Nov 2019

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Pea Protein with Multivitamin Drink Powder for Beautiful Glowing Skin

There is a strong connection between healthy body and healthy skin. Whatever you eat is reflected on your skin. Thus, adequate intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is vital for skin health. Peas are said to be one of the perfect proteins for human consumption. Pea Protein with Multivitamin Drink Powder is helpful in anti-ageing of the skin. The antioxidants which are present in it are helpful in reducing the ageing process of your skin and will provide a natural glow to the skin.  By taking the Pea Protein Drink Powder for your daily consumption, your skin will get nutrients from the proteins that will be the building blocker for a healthier skin. The multivitamins in the Pea Protein Drink Powder helps restore skin from the inside out. Supports skin natural renewal to aid repair of age spots, acne scars and skin suppleness. 

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