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[RTC] Lavender Garden Collagen Serum with SPF30

RM109.00 RM55.00

[RTC] Reduced to Clear

Expiry : June 2019

Serum’s are the go to product for deep penetration  on the wellness aisle. Mary Jardin Lavender Garden Serum With Sunblock SPF 30 provides your skin with all the deep tissue nutrition for healthy glowing skin that looks just as good as it feels. With a good dose of lavender oil and licorice root to regulate skin sebum, ward off acne while  preventing and help heal existing hyperpigmentation.

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RM36.00 RM18.00

[RTC] Reduced to Clear. Expiry : July 2019

Lavender Rose Face Mist is made with the working woman in mind. For the quick fix and spritz for long days in air conditioned rooms and a trip to the toilet is just impossible to freshen up. Containing aloe vera, witch hazel and rose water for a strong moisturizing affect and a soothing refresher  with lavender and rose geranium essential oils to give you that dewy spirited look while nourishing your skin.

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[RTC] Hand & Body Lotion (bottle)

RM36.00 RM18.00

[RTC] Reduced to Clear. Expiry : June 2019

Lavender Rose Hand and Body Lotion is handcrafted with the best of ingredients from nature. With Shea butter and vitamin E, it is deeply moisturizing and enriched with lavender and rose geranium essential oil to produce a baby soft to the touch feel and nourish your skin and bring out the beauty within. Shea butter provides added sealing barrier for extra moisture retention so your skin stays moist and soft to the touch, better protecting it from the harsh conditions of daily life. A natural lotion made for long lasting treatment of dry skin.

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