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Lavender Essential Set (with Pro-Biotic Serum) + [FREE] Lipmatte

RM204.00 RM164.90

Mary Jardin Anti-Aging Essential Skincare Set has always been one of our bestsellers and signature product. It consists of 3 luxury & organic skincare products; Lavender Garden Renewed Collagen Serum, Handcrafted Luxury Facial Soap and Handcrafted Luxury Face Oil.

Anti-Aging Essential Skincare Set transforms your skin to a more radiant looking, making it softer, smoother while restoring youthful glow. Check out the full description below for instructions, full ingredients and benefits of each item.

Newborn Kit + [FREE] Peony Soap 60g + Lavender Soap 60g

RM120.00 RM99.00

NEWBORN KIT: [Expiry 2022/2023]

1 Head To Toe Bubble Bath 500ml
1 Supple Nourishing Lotion 100ml
1 Baby Massage Oil 50ml
1 Chesty Rub 25g
1 Tummy Rub 25g
1 Bugsy Rub 25g
1 Bedtime Rub 25g



+ Peony Soap 60g [ Expiry May/Jun 2021 ]
+ Lavender Soap 60g [ Expiry May/Jun 2021 ]
+ Toiletry Travel Bag
+ Shipping in Hard Box Extra-Protection

Peony Skincare Set + [FREE] Lipmatte Code 02 + Cosmetic Bag

RM189.90 RM139.00

*Blooming beautifully with our latest Peony Skincare Collection, carefully crafted with purest ingredients which will promote immaculate, youthful and healthy skin.

*Enriched with Peony extracts, jojoba oil and other ingredients that are all rich in natural antioxidants and also beneficial to the skin, this perfect skincare set will help you to rejuvenate to a youthful glowing skin.

Sensitive Skin Therapy Kit + [FREE] Peony Soap 60g

RM97.40 RM75.00

1 Head To Toe Milky Bath 500ml
1 Resque Cream 100ml
1 Relief Clay 25g
1 Anti-Bacterial Calendula Chamomile Restore Salve 25g

+ Peony Soap 60g [ Expiry May/June 2021 ]
+ Toiletry Travel Bag
+ Shipping in Hard Box with Extra-Protection

SST Mini Kit

RM9.90 RM8.00

Sensitive Skin Therapy Mini Kit :
mini Milky Bath 7ml
mini Rescue Cream 5ml
mini Restore Salve 4g
mini Relief Clay 4g
Voucher RM5.00