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Calendula And Honey Facial Cleanser


The Calendula and Honey Facial Cleaner also helps improve the overall health of your face. Honey is well known for its antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, helping reduce swelling and redness from preexisting acne while Calendula oil helps fight off future outbreaks and even fungal infections due to its antifungal properties.  Both Honey and Calendula help moisturize the skin, keeping it healthy and ready for the day.

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Calendula And Honey Serum


Mary Jardin Honey & Calendula Handcrafted Face Serum is formulated to help maintain a healthy and youthful complexion. Enriched with organic honey, Calendula extract and Vitamin C. It moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.

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Calendula And Honey Skincare Set

Research has found Calendula essential oil to formulate topical formulations imparts many benefits apart from specific pharmacological activity which include pleasant aroma, emolliency and improvement in the elasticity of the skin. Calendula & Honey set consist of 3 items; Facial cleanser, Face oil and Face Serum. These three wonderful products effectively helps to clear acne and improve the skin condition. Due to the natural effect of the contents, this set does not irritate skin and is very suitable for sensitive skin.
The refreshing smell of the products will surely make you fall in love the very first time you use it.
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