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Lavender Essential Set

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ESSENTIAL SET : [ Expiry 2022/2023 ]
Lavender Anti-Acne Facial Soap 60g
Lavender Anti-Acne Essential Face Oil 10ml
Lavender Anti-Acne Collagen Serum 15ml



Lavender Facial Soap for Acne Skin

RM39.00 RM29.90

Anti-Acne Facial Soap for Oily and Sensitive Skin

To start the day right or simply winding down after a long day of work, Mary Jardin has just the item for you. A perfected mix of  Honey, Organic Oat and Bentonite Clay to give your skin a refreshing re-hydration improving your overall well being. A mix blend of oils alongside our signature lavender not only delivers your skin a selection of vitamins and minerals but also helps you wind down through it’s aromatherapeutic nature.



Lavender Essential Face Oil for Acne Scars (10ml)

RM56.00 RM54.90

Aging is not only a sign of cumulative  damage to our skin but also our self-esteem. Luckily, you can now age gracefully too, by using Mary Jardin’s Lavender Garden Luxury Handcrafted Face Oil. The anti-acne properties of our soap comes from the anti-inflammatory attribute of the selection of oils.

This must have item, the all time favourite face oil is formulated from 100% natural botanical oils to deeply nourish dry skin and restore the youthful glow. You will fall in love with just the first drop.

Lavender Beta-Carotene Face Oil for Acne Scars (10ml)

RM56.00 RM54.90

Face Oil for Acne Scars

Handcrafted Luxury Face Oil for Acne Scars contains lavish blend of essential oils that are high in linoleic acid to keep acne scars and skin breakout at bay. It also suits for oily & dry skin. Hence, regulates skin sebum production to prevent it from being too oily or dry. Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property to soothe sensitive skin and eczema as well as boost skin physiological reparative capability.

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Lavender Detox Clay Mask Paste (Blackhead & Whitehead Removal)

RM56.00 RM49.90

Handcrafted Luxury Blackhead and Whitehead Removal Face Mask has been formulated with nature’s treasure to detoxify and purify skin. Boasting mild enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, this natural clay based mask promotes cell renewal and repair.

This handcrafted luxury face mask is rich with vitamins and nutrients and especially beneficial for blemished, tired skin that is in need of extra vitamin boost, hydration and pampering. This natural remedies cleanse deep to the pores to remove blackhead, whitehead, dirt and excess oil, leaving skin softer, smoother and more radiant looking hence suitable for oily & sensitive skin.