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Peony Anti-Aging Serum

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The skin is constantly barraged by daily aggressors from intense heat to airborne pollutants. Mary Jardin’s Peony Collection Regenerative Serum helps relieve irritated skin from the surface to a cellular level. By inhibiting cellular reaction towards outside irritants, Mary Jardin’s Peony Collection Regenerative Serum supports the skin’s natural ability to  defend itself, while also providing protection for the skin from more aggressors.

Mary Jardin’s Peony Collection Regenerative Serum also contains an all natural polytensor, a bio-polymer that tenses up the skin effectively reducing wrinkles and wipes away the years in merely minutes. A mixture of proteins that naturally improve the elasticity of the skin. The all natural, 9  extract blend provides your skin the best protection nature could provide alongside honey, Allantoin and ascorbic acid to hydrate the skin and protect it from further damage by UV rays.

It isn’t just important to rehydrate the skin but also to retain that hydration. That is why Mary Jardin uses  Hyaluronic Acid, a substance naturally found in the skin, that with the application of, increases the skin’s natural retention of moisture, leading to the soft, pillowy feeling that is healthy beautiful skin. Perfect for any type of daily skincare routine

Care for your skin today for the skin you’ll be in tomorrow!

Peony Anti-Aging Toner (110ml)

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Looking for glass look skin? We reveal the secret weapon to help you achieve your healthy skin, MARY JARDIN ANTI AGING TONER. It instantly refreshes and hydrates skin, lifts away any residues left on your skin. With it’s humectans ingredients that will help to hydrates and leave your skin supple and refresh all day long.

Peony Foam Facial Soap

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Cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin with Mary Jardin Peony all natural handcrafted soap made with botanical oils, honey, goat milk, essential oils, oat and French Rose Clay. Enhance skin clarity with Peony Extract and shed off a few years from your appearance with its high antioxidant content and Anti UV properties to reduce skin hyperpigmentation.

Look forward to supple silky skin when washing the soap off with French rose clay’s gentle yet effective exfoliative properties without the dry irritated feeling after thanks to the moisturizing action that comes with goat milk, the blend of oils, honey, and oat. Peony extract both alleviates the skin’s natural response to irritants by reducing inflammation agents in the skin while also improving the skin’s ability to ward itself against irritants

Gentle attentive care from start to end, exfoliate without worry and allow  your skin to mend.

Peony Herbal Sunscreen SPF30

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Mary Jardin Peony Collection Herbal Sunscreen is the latest addition to Mary Jardin’s extensive line of skin protection. Made silicone free and with 99% natural ingredients, it provides adequate protection for your skin from the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays through the combined effects of natural berry extracts, herbal blend, zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Mango butter helps keep your skin moisturized without leaving a greasy film after application. High amount of linoleic and oleic acid improves your skin’s natural elasticity while Peony extract soothes skin and avoids irritation. Formulated with eco-drop gel, it enhances smooth application and  penetrates deeply into the skin for maximum skin rejuvenation.

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Peony Moisturizing Facial Wash

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Mary Jardin’s Peony Moisturizing Facial Wash improves skin clarity without the need to strip the skin off its protective layer. It contains  Paeoniflorin Skin Regeneration Complex to produce an even skin tone and diminish signs of skin aging. The silky gel formula, with mild scrubbing leaves the skin clean, moist and and rejuvenated. MJ’s facial wash maintains its gentle nature because it’s made with French Pink Clay, the gentlest of clays and is safe to use on all types of skin.

MJ’s Peony Moisturizing Facial Wash also improves the natural aspects of your skin. Burdock Root, Witch Hazel and Peony Extract are all rich with antioxidants and minerals that are good for  your skin, alleviates inflammation and strengthens the skin’s natural ability to fight free radicals and airborne aggressors.

Care for your skin today for the skin you’ll care for tomorrow!

Peony Skincare Set

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*Blooming beautifully with our latest Peony Skincare Collection, carefully crafted with purest ingredients which will promote immaculate, youthful and healthy skin.

*Enriched with Peony extracts, jojoba oil and other ingredients that are all rich in natural antioxidants and also beneficial to the skin, this perfect skincare set will help you to rejuvenate to a youthful glowing skin.