Welcome to Mary Jardin Reseller’s Page

Mary Jardin Reseller is a role given to our beauty influencers to spread the goodness of Mary Jardin’s Product!

For every purchase made, Reseller will gain MJ Coins worth 15% of your payments! You may use MJ Coins to get discount for your next purchase. Reseller may also get rewarded for referral purchases and personal sale incentive.

Check your MJ Wallet for your earnings and usages of MJ Coins.

It’s simple and there’s a few ways to do it.

1. Purchase and get it delivered to your address. Then you can start your offline sales and influence them to buy the products from you.

2. Advertise yourself as Mary Jardin Reseller Online/Offline often! When a prospect feels like trying Mary Jardin’s Product, buy for them get it delivered to them.

3. BEST WAY. Get your referral link and make sure to spread it around the people you are trying to influence. If they click your link, register and purchase, you will get the 20% reward as well!

Be the best reseller by presenting the best value to your prospect. Spread information, advices, and try to help as much people as you can. Spread the goodness!



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